Causes of a Damaged Tree 

Having trees around our home have a lot of benefits, they could make us feel closer to nature and also improve the landscape of our property. However, if the trees are not properly cared of, it could become an issue of danger and safety in the future. Damaged trees become hazardous and it can cause property and injuries if not given attention of. If you think your tree is damaged, read more here to properly address the problem. To give you more idea, the following are the causes of tree damage.

Natural Causes 

Trees decay or become damage because of natural causes. Like us human beings, they are susceptible to natural causes that will lead to death in the near future.  


Like human beings, old trees are more likely to get damaged or have diseases than the young ones. The older the trees get, the more prone they are to damage. Size can be a factor too. The large trees which have large branches and large trunks are more dangerous when it’s damaged.  

Unusual Shape  

The tree’s shape can indicate if it is structurally unbalanced or weak. We love to keep the trees in unique shape but we should also consider that the shape is a big factor on why a tree easily gets damaged. Improper pruning, storms and other causes of damage weaken the architecture of a tree and will lead to unusual growth patterns.  

Trees that has multiple trunks or branches that are attached on the trunk have a high risk of cracking or splitting. V-shaped form trees are more likely to break than the open U-shaped ones. To avoid these problems in the future, inspect the trees if it has any branches that attached to the trunk.  


We know that trees don’t grow very straight, but a tree that begins to lean indicate a problem. Inspect the tree and look for exposed roots around the tree’s base and any cracked soil.  


Trees can withstand strong winds and storms, but after many years it will become a reason for the tree to fail. Trees with existing diseases or damages are more prone to fail if under some extreme weather conditions.  

Human Causes 

Humans play a significant role in the tree’s health. Since we’re the ones who plant them and prune them, there’s a high change that we did it wrong that’s why the trees become weak and damaged.  

Incorrect Planting 

Trees planted for landscaping purposes are sometimes planted incorrectly. If the tree is planted in a poor soil condition, or planted too deep and too shallow, it won’t grow into a normal and healthy one. There are proper planting techniques you should know where are specific to certain species of tree might will make it grow into a healthy one.  

Incorrect Pruning 

Another mistake people do to trees is incorrectly pruning it. We all know that pruning and trimming is needed to remove dead limbs and damaged branches off the tree to avoid further damage. But stub cuts and flush cuts which is often done by humans lead to the tree becoming hazardous.  



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